Crossing Boundries

By Hoosain Ayob

R 200.00


It is a great pleasure to introduce you to Hoosain Ayob who has contributed to both the teaching and learning environment and the African sports world; he has paved the way for many Black (African, Indian and Coloured) sportspersons.

Hoosain Ayob spent his formative years as a teacher. He excelled in sport and in cricket in particular, but was denied the opportunity to represent his Province or country because of the colour of his skin.  His book describes his personal journey as teacher and sportsman. Many of his students have reached great heights, including two national Ministers and many professionals in various fields of endeavour.  

‘Crossing Boundaries’ has been published in partnership with two non-profit organisations, Awqaf and The Project Justice Trust. A portion of proceeds will go toward the development of cricket among school going children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

We wish to invite you to support the launch of his book by advertising the sale of the book on your platforms during your sponsorship events and other cricket related engagement. You could also purchase books for the club you support, take some under consignment, host Mr Ayob with a book signing, promote the book through a write up or article on your social media platform or other. Please feel free to contact him at +27 83 478 6719. Supporting our local contributors to the sport is in line with your core values and objectives.

Many cricketers and students went through Hoosain Ayob’s hands, directly and indirectly, through teaching, mentoring and coaching. Hoosain Ayob is still held in high regard by Makhaya Ntini, Ashwell Prins, Vernon Philander, and many others.

The greats pay tribute to Hoosain Ayob, “The Shark”

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